Audra Hannon Keefe

AUDRA KEEFE on painting:

“Painting is a conversation without words. There is a give and take–first in the creation and then in the viewing. In the making, the first step is to simply put down color and then that color declares what it needs next. Color communicates something so visceral and vital that all one has to do is listen.”


Trying to describe why I paint is like trying to describe why one is drawn to the sunrise. Perhaps one delights in the magnificence of color, perhaps the contrast of dark and light, but more likely one is drawn to the sunrise because it stirs something in the soul.

The inspiration for my work comes as a direct result of the act of making. I approach a blank canvas with an open mind, allowing the work to emerge organically. I tend to paint quickly, I articulate viscerally through motion–moving the canvas and making gestures. I feel a direct connection to the paint, how it moves, and how color plays on the canvas. My work has a bold, graphic quality and utilizes a palette of bright colors. I view my paintings as a sort of dance, they are physical, expressive, and rely on the push and pull of color on the canvas.